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North Lake Yacht Club
North Lake, Wisconsin
John A. Schneider - 2018 Commodore

The North Lake Yacht Club and North Lake Sailing School came together upon a common interest in promoting sailing as a life long activity and sport on North Lake. 

The North Lake Yacht Club was formed in 1953 to provide an organization that would offer sailing and social activities for the families of North Lake. For the first 35 years the North Lake Yacht Club also maintained a Sailing Club which taught sailors of all ages through formalized summer classes and hired instructors. This tradition continues under the North Lake Sailing School (NLSS).

The North Lake Sailing School is dedicated to teaching children and adults the art of sailing, the concept of good sportsmanship, teamwork, and promoting camaraderie. The North Lake Sailing School was created in 1989 as a separate non-profit, charitable 501(c) 3 organization to provide a means for individuals, companies, and other organizations to donate boats, equipment, and make financial donations that can be officially recognized as tax deductible. As a result of past contributions, the sailing school now has a fleet of sailboats that are available to beginning sailors before they have to commit to purchasing their own boat. This provides a way for more people in the lake country community to have the opportunity to experience the joys of sailing, and has enabled the school to continue growing. Financial donations also help offset some of the costs associated with operating the sailing school (purchase and maintenance of instructor boats, insurance, equipment, etc.).

Our goal: To provide opportunities for everyone in the Lake Country community to discover the pleasures of sailing whether it is recreational or competitive. 

Open to all individuals regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, or sex. 

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Upcoming Events